Patrick Harris

Patrick Harris Web Developer

Cyberian Frontier’s Patrick Harris is a masterful PHP programmer and advanced-level server administrator who prioritizes innovative security and archival systems. Having worked with internet technology since its inception, he has an extraordinary foundation for creating infrastructure to support even the most labyrinthine of projects.

As President of web hosting and publishing company Solar Flare, LLC, Harris has developed the critical insight needed for effective web-based advertising and marketing. In addition, he specializes in web security and remediation and engineers systems with multiple layers of backup operation. He has made it his personal mission to identify and neutralize hostile infiltrations and often does so in advance of vendor tech support.

Long interested in permaculture and homesteading principles, Harris operates his businesses from his solar-powered farm in northern Arizona. His inspiration cascades from this unique backdrop of desert landscape and panoramic vistas. An altruist at heart, Harris has involved himself with community projects in both farming and technology. In a complex and ever-evolving industry, he is a trustworthy soul.