Web / Email Security

Security requirements are always changing in today’s ever-evolving Internet landscape. New threats emerge on a regular basis and having the tools to combat those threats is becoming increasingly important.

Cyberian Frontier offers a variety of security products and services to help you navigate today’s online threats and challenges.


Email Security and Anti-SPAM Filtering

Our premium anti-spam filter is called HappyMail and it will filter all email addresses on your domain for an annual fee of $96 / year (up to 100,000 message per month). It’s very easy to install and there’s no settings changes required on your computers or devices. HappyMail provides strong anti-spam and anti-malware filtering for all email addresses on a single domain. Most clients experience a 90-95% reduction in SPAM delivered to their inboxes with few (if any) legitimate messages being filtered as SPAM. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all new HappyMail subscriptions.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are used to encrypt the communications between your website and your website visitors. This prevents interception and alteration of the data exchanged between your site and your visitors. SSL is especially important when taking confidential information online, like credit card payments. Cyberian Frontier offers an extensive assortment of SSL certificates to meet your web security needs — from basic SSL, wildcard SSL, and extended valuation SSL certificates — we can help ensure the security of your site and your communications with your site’s visitors.

WordPress Security

Securing WordPress sites is one of our specialties. We have a variety of tools and techniques that we can deploy to help harden and protect WordPress installations. From setting up SSL protected admin sessions to installing software firewalls — we have the experience necessary to help prevent intrusions and unauthorized changes to your WordPress sites.

WordPress Backups

One of the most important tools for securing and protecting your WordPress sites is a solid backup strategy. Cyberian Frontier can design and implement backup systems for WordPress sites hosted at any provider. This includes setting up backups to be stored in multiple cloud storage providers — for maximum redundancy and safety of your website and data. If your site should ever be damaged by hacking or technical problems, having accessible and recent backups is key to restoring your site with minimal downtime and repair costs.